Essay writing plan

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A good essay cannot be written without a plan. However, it should not be too large (why waste time?). In the plan we formulate our thesis, our main argument. Make sure that each paragraph relates to the topic of our essay. Looking at the plan, we are not distracted by minor details. Thus, the plan helps us focus on the essentials.

While writing a plan, do not forget about “5 wh?”. Having determined the subject of the argument and its attitude to it, ask five simple questions: Who? What Where When? Why? The answer to each of them will be proof or example for your thesis.

An effective essay writing strategy

  • Being under temporary pressure you will not have time for improvisation or the invention of the wheel. You need to be ready to write an essay, to work out your strategy and the sequence of steps that will allow you to cope with the task as quickly as possible. I personally use the following:
  • Ask a question. This is the easiest and most effective way to sort out the question yourself. If the topic for the essay is already asked to you in the form of a question, then carefully read the question / task and think over your answer.
  • Formulate a thesis. Thesis is a clear answer to a question. No “may be so, and maybe not so.” In order to prove your point of view, you must decide on it.
  • Write the entry. Use the right words so that the reader can understand the content of your essay. We attract attention, we are interested.
  • Prove our point of view. A simple statement of your thesis does not make it true. You simply show that you believe in it, but readers need a rationale. Use the “Rule of Three” – to prove your thesis, specify at least three main reasons.
  • Draw conclusions. We have brought evidence of our thesis and, therefore, it is true.
  • You do not know what topic you will get in the exam. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly understand any. In order to “fill my hand” I practiced speeding up my essay plans on randomly selected topics. It is not necessary to paint the text in hundreds of characters. It is much more important to bring to automatism the sequence of your actions.