How to write an essay on literature?

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How to write an essay on literature? Follow the algorithm and remember the main features of the genre. Express your thoughts freely, but affordable and competently, try to arouse reader’s interest, to express your opinion in a bright author’s style.

Try to find curious moments, consider the topic in a new, original way.

Constantly make brief notes: record successful statements, wording. Before creating a draft, you should already have the material that you prepared in the process of thinking: your sentences, notes, individual words and vivid details.

Write the main part. It is advisable to create a plan consisting of several points in advance, since it is much easier to write text in semantic parts. Develop the basic idea of each intended section. You can convince the reader, give facts and arguments, but do not turn the text into a detailed study. In an essay on literature, you need to present your own opinion as intelligently and vividly as possible, and not provide an objective analysis of the problem. Genre essay is subjective.

Attract the attention of the reader: use unexpected logical turns, make unpredictable conclusions, use non-standard semantic links.

Express your thoughts in a bright and imaginative style, demonstrate the richness of the language. Transmit your personal perception: use artistic means and techniques:

  • comparisons;
  • metaphors;
  • epithets;
  • analogies;
  • allegories;
  • characters;
  • associations;
  • examples, facts from personal experience;
  • parallels and paradoxes.

Create vivid descriptions, apply quotes and references to works of literature. Share your own experience. Let readers follow the logic of your thoughts, but avoid the report form or the strict structure of the text.

Your essay should be free: state your thoughts in your own style. Try to achieve figurativeness, add the author’s features not only in the content, but also in the form of its expression.

Write freely, but seriously. Do not use slang, a large number of template phrases, follow the competent construction of sentences.

Re-read your draft and create a small conclusion. Summarize your opinion, but do not make clear logical conclusions. In the essay, your thoughts should be contained throughout the text, and the conclusion will only summarize the reasoning.

Carefully review all the materials, read the draft two times, make corrections. Pay attention to errors, the construction of phrases, the use of means of expression. Perhaps, you will be visited by new ideas, then you can add an essay, make it brighter. Rate your essay in terms of the reader, try to make it interesting and unexpected, memorable.

Ensure compliance with the volume. Usually it is limited to clear frames.