What is an essay?

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The essay in translation from French means “attempt, test, sketch”, from English – “experience, essay”, from Latin – “weighing”. This is a very personal genre of journalism. According to the Big Soviet Encyclopedia, the essay is a free interpretation of any literary, philosophical, aesthetic, moral or social problem.

In the essay in the first place is not a fact or event, and the attitude of the author to this fact, event or phenomenon. And the essay does not imply an exhaustive disclosure of the topic. In the genre of the essay important:

  • the author’s self-expression, his personal perception of the problem, the phenomenon;
  • free composition of the work;
  • casual narration.

By and large, an essay is a stream of consciousness of the author.

How to write an essay

The essay is interesting precisely the author’s judgment, which can be unusual and unexpected. And the success of an essay depends on how much the author is able to convey personal admiration, resentment or surprise, for example, the phenomenon of nature, man, his act … Each author chooses his means of expressiveness for this – short sentences, metaphor, casual and conversational style, unexpected omissions … For an essay, all means are good!

Writing an essay in the genre is a good way to develop your writing skills and the ability to form your own “handwriting”.

First you need to select the “object”. It may be a work of art (picture, song, book), personality (historical or contemporary), an interesting fact or aphorism, in a word, everything that interested you and caused the desire to share your reasoning with the reader. The main thing is to invite the reader to think about it, so that he would look at the world through your eyes, and see something new in a familiar fact or phenomenon.

Briefly outline of the essay.

In the most minimalist form, the essay should contain 5 paragraphs.

Introduction. In the first paragraph we talk about how to answer the question posed.

Arguments in support of the approval.

Arguments against approval. In the second and third paragraphs we show that we understand the question. We give a balanced look at the question.

The main paragraph. We clearly express our point of view in support or against statements, we add our own unique thoughts. We support your opinion with quotes. We try to express our opinion skillfully (we write in simple words), it is logical (we think over our ideas), orderly (one thought follows from another).